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                                            He edits the literary journal, Murmur.───他编辑了《私语》这本文学杂志。
Check these documents and make edits or deletions.───检查这些文档并进行编辑或删除。
Once you've made all the edits you want, click Done.───一旦你实现了所有想要的编辑,点击完成。
I'm not looking for a full time or part time commitment, just someone to help me with these edits, where I sell my handmade jewelry.───我不是在寻找一个全职或兼职的承诺,只是有人来帮助这些修改,在那里我卖我的手工饰品我。
Please provide a quote for the scope of work listed and separately how much it will cost to add additional chapters and minor edits.───请提供一个上市的工作范围,并分别报价多少会增加额外成本的章节和小修改。
This conflict can be resolved by loading the newer version of the document, reapplying the edits and trying to save again.───可以通过加载更新版本的文档来解决该冲突,然后重新进行编辑并再次保存。
It may be possible for a username to be changed (depending on the policies of your local wiki and on the number of edits you have).───根据具体语言种类维基的政策和您所做过的编辑次数,您可能可以申请改变用户名。
Some took his edits home, unpicking them at leisure, as they licked their wounds, to try to see exactly how their copy had been so improved.───有些记者把麦克尔斯的修改意见带回家,休闲时分就拆开看看,就像在舔着自己的伤口一样,从而努力找出他们撰写的新闻题材怎样才能提高到这样的高水平。
Since the launch of the project, the researchers have found the number of edits on mammalian gene pages to have doubled.───推出以来,该项目的,研究人员已经发现的数量修改对哺乳动物基因的页面增加了一倍。
                                            The newspaper edits letters before printing them.
Obama usually edits and rewrites the drafts several times.
Derek, who edits the Tees Valley Writer, has just finished a book on statistics.
He now edits Solidarity's weekly newspaper, but probably not for long.
He edits the literary journal, Murmur.
He edits a national newspaper.
He edits his local Methodist Church magazine and is a keen crown green bowls player.
Assemble edits are made much easier if the camera-originals are all shot on one cassette.
Perhaps some of her edits are rooted in writing principles.